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Chance 2 Dance at Studio M Dance Centre is designed to foster a love of dance and creative expression. The classes offered are for students with Down Syndrome, Autism and other developmental disabilities. This is a modified dance class with individualized accommodations to:

- Enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence
- Cooperating with and encouraging others
- Increased appreciation and knowledge of music and rhythm
- Distinguishing right and left
- Attending to and following directions
- Increased focus
- Stopping/starting on cue
- Practicing ASL
- Improved balance, posture, and alignment
- Separating upper and lower body movement patterns
- Most importantly HAVE FUN and DANCE!!!

Enjoy some quality time with your little one! Mommy & Me is a fun-filled class for dancers 2 and under and allows them and parents to interact in a playful environment. Through stretching and movement exercises, children will improve their gross motor skills and musicality. (This class can be for daddies or nanas too!)

This is designed to be an enjoyable, first time experience to dance for 3 and 4 year olds. Dancers will be taught beginning ballet movements and terminology while learning motor skills and fun dances to help build coordination. Creative movement activities are presented to encourage personality development. Strengthening and flexibility skills will be included in the barre portion of the class.

This class serves as an introduction hip hop dance for the younger dancer ages 3 to 6. Using games and music, the class focuses on rhythm, musicality and basic footwork. It is a great way to get kids moving!

This class is designed for 7 to 10 to teach the fundamentals of hip hop movement. Class is upbeat and high energy. Stretching, rhythms, musicality, upper body strength and foot work will be incorporated. Dancers will learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination each class.

This class is designed for 11 and up, this class is a fun, upbeat and exciting class with age appropriate music and movement. Dancers will learn different HipHop technique while building strength and stamina. Dancers will learn to memorize choreography by working on a combination each class.

This class is designed for ages 19 and up! This class is structured to offer an intense cardiovascular workout, in addition to teaching students basic Hip Hop movements and technique. The class is ideal for adults looking to tone muscles, achieve weight loss and/or increase stamina, all while indulging in a fun-filled dance activity that avoids the monotony of traditional cardio training.

This program offers ballet and tap for 5 to 7 year olds. Dancers focus on strength, flexibility, and style as well as musicality, choreography and dance terminology. In this class we will be working in center and barre for ballet and tap, dancers are encouraged to explore space and enjoy dancing.

This class is designed for the experienced beginner dancers. This 1 1/2 hour class combines all the technique of ballet, jazz and tap into one class for our intermediate students. Students will learn ballet barre and center work, jazz technique (turns, leaps, jumps, etc.), and the syncopation of tap sounds. Students will receive a 1/2 hour of training in ballet, a 1/2 hour of training in jazz, and a 1/2 hour of training in tap. (This class is decided on Instructor observation/recommendation)

This class is designed for intermediate moving to advanced students with previous training and with a strong understanding of movement and alignment principals. Dancers should be physically and mentally ready for the challenge of more material and a faster paced class. This hour 1 1/12 class will include ballet, tap, jazz and lyrical. Barre, center and across the floor progressions. (This class is decided on Instructor observation/recommendation)