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Hi! My name is Ashlie Midiri and I would personally like to welcome you and your dancer to Studio M Dance Centre!

I also look forward helping your dancer acquire exciting new skills and abilities this coming year. My goal is to provide a valuable service for your dancer; one that is professional, teaches your child a good quality dance, encourages self-esteem, and to help children develop a love of and appreciation for the art of dance. If you ever have a question or concern you may call me at 217-971-2861 (add me as a contact in your phone) or email me at dancecentre4@gmail.com . I wish to keep the lines of communication open and will always appreciate your ideas and feedback.


Appropriate Dancewear

Girls - wear proper dance attire which includes a leotard and tights, biking shorts, dance skirts (for younger dancers but they should be short and not get in the way for the dancer), dance pants and capris, are all acceptable. All attire should be form fitting; no baggy shirts, shorts or pants. Tights are required at all times of the year.

Also, it’s important that your dancer’s hair is pulled up and out of her face before they enter the studio.

Boys - may wear t-shirt, shorts or pants. (Gym Attire)

Dance Shoes

All dance shoes can be purchased at: SMDC Boutique, located directly next door to the studio. No Bedroom Slippers

Creative Movement: Pink Ballet Shoes

Combination Class: Pink Ballet Shoes and Black Tap Shoes (the patent leather kind) No ribbons on the tap shoes, please put black elastic through the eyelets. (See Helpful Hints at bottom)

Pre-Jazz: Pink Ballet Shoes

Novice/Teen Dancers Jazz/Tap/Ballet: Color and type may vary with each class.

**Most classes have pink full/split sole ballet shoes, black slip on split sole jazz shoes, and tie up/slip on black leather tap shoes. (not patent leather)

Hip Hop: Clean Tennis shoes that lace. Shoes should be carried, not worn into studio.

On Pointe: Pink Pointe Shoes

Boys taking a dance class they’ll need black tap shoes and black jazz shoes for the combination dance class.


Registration includes a $35 nonrefundable fee (or $50 family fee), which includes a Studio M Dance Centre shirt. After registration is complete, (beginning of August) I’ll email a class information letter informing you of the time and date of your dancer’s classes.

Monthly Sessions Per Child (September through May)

0:45 Minutes - $45.00 2:00 Hours - $75.00
1:00 Hour - $55.00 2:30 Hours - $80.00
1:30 Hours - $65.00 3:00 Hours - $85.00
1:45 Hours - $70.00 3:30 Hours - $90.00
$10.00 sibling savings discount

All Boys Tuition 50% off the hourly price!!

-no other discounts apply.


Tuition is due on the first lesson of the month or quarterly month. You may send it into class with your child, sign up for automatic payment or you can mail it. Please put the child’s name on the check as memo. Regardless of the number of classes each month, tuition will be the same. Due to holidays, some months will have 3 classes, most months will have 4 classes, and some months will have 5 classes.

Late Payments

If you pay after the 15th of the month a $10 late fee will be added. If you do not include the late fee with your payment you will be billed for it the following month. If you become more than 2 months late with your tuition or late fees, it will be required that you pay your balance before your child can return to class.

Attendance/Bad Weather/Make up Classes


Be on time! I will do my best to start classes on time. Check the website or Facebook page in case I cancel classes because of dangerous road conditions/Emergencies. I will post the cancellation by 3:00 PM on the day in question. Also, there will be a sign on the studio door on days classes are cancelled. If in doubt call/text/or email and ask.

No Make-Up Classes due to bad weather or holidays. If a class is an excused absence (meaning letting me know in advance) a makeup class will be offered within one month if available.

If a dancer continues to miss classes often (other than illness) I reserve the right to first- call and give a warning, second- if he/she continues to miss – I will give notice whether or not they can perform in the recital. It is unfair to myself and to the other students to have a student consistently absent.

Classroom Visits

Observation is an opportunity for you to observe your dancer’s progress in class. There will be no classroom visits, except for the last class o f the chosen months. Two observers per child may observe class the last lesson in December, March, and May, exact dates will be handed out at a later date No video cameras, or flash photography. You are welcome to visit on that day to see how your dancer is doing. However, visiting your dancer’s class is optional.

Responsibilities of Students and Parents

Attend regularly, on time, and properly dressed for all classes. Use the restroom before class starts. Please have your name on all shoes and on your dance bag. Keep the noise to a minimum in the waiting room. Parents, it is your responsibility to escort your child into and out of the facility. It is also your responsibility to maintain safety in the waiting area at all times. To decrease distractions students and parents are not allowed past waiting room door unless directed!

Holidays – No Classes

Thanksgiving – November 21rd -26th

Christmas – December 19th – 31st

Spring Break – April 10th – 16th

Memorial Weekend – May 29th


TBA June

A Non Refundable Recital fees will be paid in two monthly installments on February 15th and March 15th. You may also pay the entire amount at any time.


Costumes and Prices will be out before Christmas Break.

Deposits on costumes will be paid in two monthly installments on Oct 15th and Nov 15th. You may also pay the entire amount at any time. These payments will include tights and/or props if needed for the recital.

I am looking forward to working with your dancer and hope this will be a terrific year for her (or him)!! Thanks for registering and we’ll see you soon!!


Miss Ashlie


Helpful Hints

#1. For young dancers, I suggest taking the tie shoelaces out of the tap shoes and sewing in a loop of black elastic in their place. Also there are commercial products (Four Season Dance Shop carries them) that are elastic that work great. Then your dancer won’t have to tie her shoes (which saves time and younger dancers can’t tie the shoe tight enough) — your dancer can just quickly slip her shoes on. Make the elastic so it stretches when the foot goes in and snug, but not too tight when the foot is in.

#2. Your dancer will need a carry bag to transport her dance shoes in. Our students should never wear tap or ballet shoes outside. Please have them come in street shoes and put them on when in the studio. SMDC Dance Centre bags are available to order upon request.

#3. Mark your dancer’s belongings, including dance shoes, jackets, coats, etc. Many items get misplaced and I can easily find the owner if their items are marked.

#4. Please have your child bring a filled water bottle to class each week. We work hard and need to re-hydrate, it is so important to keep your young dancer healthy and replenished.